Preparation Tips

Choose the right potato.

When choosing the right potato it depends on the potato preference of the individual; whether you prefer a more wet creamy texture or a dry fluffier potato. In general, round varieties tend to have a more wet texture than the long varieties. For best results it is important to use the right potato:

  • The Russet potato is the best All Purpose potato.
  • Round potatoes are better for salads and chowders because they hold together better.

ALWAYS store potatoes in a cool dark place to keep the full flavour of the potato.


When preparing potatoes, if you choose to remove the skin and you're not cooking the potatoes right away, keep them in cool water at a temperature less than 5°C (41°F) (re: in the fridge). Add a couple of drops of vinegar or lemon juice to the cooking water to prevent darkening, which can occur from a reaction with the iron in the potato. 


Generally the preference for a baked potato is for a potato that has a dry texture. 
If this were your preference we’d recommend using a FoodTrust Russet or the Yukon Russet.

Again, it would depend on the preference of the individual, but mostly all potatoes make good boiling potatoes. If you were looking for a wet texture we would recommend:

  • New Potatoes (The term "New Potatoes" refers to young, newly harvested potatoes of any variety. They have thin skins and a waxier texture, which makes them perfect for a gentle scrub and a simple boil. Enjoy them with the skins on and for their creamy texture. They are delicious.)
  • Round potatoes such as Vales Sovereign (taste like new potatoes year long) or Red, Yellow & White varieties. 

If you were looking for a dry texture we would recommend using any russet varieties. The Yukon Russet is our favourite.

  1. BEST RESULTS: To get the best-boiled potato, they actually need to be simmered. Place potatoes in about two centimeters (one inch) of boiling water in a heavy saucepan with a tight-fitting lid. When water returns to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 20 to 30 minutes or until fork tender. Uncover the saucepan and drain immediately if the preference is to keep the potatoes dry.

Generally the preference for a mashed potato is for a potato that has a dry texture. If this were your preference we’d recommend using a FoodTrust Russet or Yukon Russet potato.

The best fry making potatoes are dry potatoes; Our #1 selling fry potato has proven to be the Yukon Russet potato. Russet potatoes are also suitable. Yukon Gold potatoes have also been used for french fries but give a different texture.

For best results we recommend using wet potatoes; therefore we would recommend Round Varieties (Vales Sovereign, Red, Yellow & White).

We do not recommend using new potatoes they have a tendency to fall apart (dry potatoes have a similar tendency).

“We were blessed to be a part of growing a product that people pick up and take it home to their families - that makes me proud.”
– Elmer MacDonald

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