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Potatoes from our red soil to your table - through passion, tradition, experience & knowledge.

In the late 1970's a group of ambitious potato farmers, better known as friends, identified a need for washed potatoes in the marketplace.  The original 7 - all farm families, unanimously agreed to work together and bring Mid Isle Farms to life.  The daunting endeavour, "was like walking into darkness with a poor flashlight for a while "Morley Wood admits, "we were too young to be nervous". Over 35 years later, Mid Isle Farms is now one of Prince Edward Island's largest fresh packing facilities and takes pride in providing nutritious potatoes to the homes and restaurants of millions of Canadians and Americans under the FoodTrust brand. 

As for the original 7 - 5 of these family farms are now being operated by 6th and 7th generation farmers (the future generations are riding along beside them in the tractor).  They put their heart and soul into every potato that is planted, cared for and harvested. 

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“I come from a long line of hard working and determined potato farmers who took pride in a job well done. They treated people and the land they farmed with respect, and valued family above all else. Knowing that I am carrying on this tradition makes me proud to farm.”
– Lori Robinson

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